life drawing v3

been going to brian's life drawing class over the past few weeks. it's good to be able to get back into it.


nighty night

this was a background I made that was a part of a larger project.


summer's over

so this past summer i went on an eastern european trip with my brother to visit our motherland. this is just a sketch i did for the guest book of our hostel in kiev, ukraine. it was a great trip and I had a blast!


eureka sketch

here's a slap of nostalgia for those of you who know what eureka was. if you are...i'm sorry. maybe, hopefully, possibly we'll be able to finish it one day? i'm also only posting this sketch because san said he liked it. that's him in the top right corner, drawn by the always great seo kim.



ok not sure why but it seems this post was deleted while blogger was doing maintenance yesterday. so here it is again...will post all the rest of it soon. (update-most of my development work on sunata is up on the "work" page)


life drawing v2

starting to miss the life drawing classes..



last post for a while. it'll be non-stop until this is done.