on the contrary

When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.


tops secrets

Some things I'm working on...

here we go

Film concept work



Design work for our third year film Beat Appétit


beat appétit

Head Chef design for my group film this year.



Was supposed to just be a quick colour key, but I was having fun doing it so kept at it. Didn't get the other ones done...but I will.


the old west

Final character lineup from the last few assignments. It took me forever, but not because I'm slow...just too picky. I must have sat there staring at the computer screen for an accumulated number of hours flipping through multiple colour palatte's and design choices.


little star wars girl

The first 5 seconds for now and hopefully I'll be able to get the last 5 seconds done over the summer in my free time. Cross your fingers.


the lake

After a short attempt at a more traditional background set in the Victorian period I gave up and went in a more abstract direction. With help from Jo, and inspired by Jon Klassen's work.