wow, it's been a while since I've last posted anything. I've been pretty busy with work but personal works are on the way soon-ish... I did start up life drawing again last week so I'll try to share the okay ones here for the remainder of the class.

I'm also going to probably wipe most of this work and leave this blog once I finish with my new stuff and can show it all.

so any future happenings will be here: chrismakerewich.tumblr.com/

stay tuned!


worky work

an illustration done for my work's website Playground Inc. it was super fun to get back in to some good old hand drawn animation again! (obviously inspired by banksy)



for things to come.


finding fisherman

it's been a while since I've sketched anything really...so here you go! oh, and journey is a pretty great game.



some work from something old I wish I could have finished but couldn't. they were never designed to be pixel characters but here they are.


the farmer

this ones for you wesley.


life drawing v3

been going to brian's life drawing class over the past few weeks. it's good to be able to get back into it.


nighty night

this was a background I made that was a part of a larger project.